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Welcome to My Blog!

It’s nice to know that you actually visit my blog and do some little-or-more reading.

I am an Indonesian living and loving Indonesia. I am that someone who do not like the idea of “preserving” knowledge and opinion, therefore i personally make this blog to share my personal experience, opinion, and also my personal knowledge. You will find super-mixed-random post topic here, feel free to comment on my posts and tell me what you think!

By no means anything i post on here are professional, whenever i just feel to write, then i will write it on this blog. But, if you find some of my post are useful and want to share it with the others, please do not make it “yours”, as by doing so will not make you look smart, rather it can put you in shame if they know you just steal it from here, remember, referencing have very different approach with claiming. 🙂

Last but not least, most of my post will published in Bahasa Indonesia, and sometimes it will be published in English (if i have the will for it) so enjoy and do not spend most of your time in the net, please go outside, enjoy the world, and have a life.